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    Bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse woes...
    Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction before I take my iMac into the Apple store.

    Im having serious issues with the bluetooth, mainly the keyboard isn't working. It seemed to happen overnight. I turned it off last night, came in and turned the iMac on this morning and no keyboard. The iMac recognizes and pairs with the keyboard, and the disconnects from it within seconds. Now the mouse is also acting crazy, not pairing correctly and not recognizing and of the gestures.

    I've tried deleting them and rediscovering them which hasn't helped, tried unplugging the iMac for a few minutes, and tried clearing the PRAM. None of it made a difference.

    Im reinstalling OSX now, hopefully it will fix it. Since the computer is only 4 or 5 days old I wont be loosing too much personal info.
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    That does not sound right at all. Keep us posted after the reinstall. I would recommend if you still have issues after that, take it into Apple ASAP.

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    similar issues
    What is the status on your bluetooth issues? Both my keyboard and mouse were working fine. Then I noticed that my caps lock indicator light was not working so I looked that issue up online and read somewhere to turn off, take batteries out and put back in and that might fix it. After I did that, my keyboard was not being recognized, so I removed it from bluetooth devices and tried to re-pair it to the iMac. Still, when trying to set up a bluetooth device, it never found the keyboard. So I thought maybe if I restarted the iMac it might fix the bug. So, I used my roommate's USB keyboard to type in my password upon login, and ended up having to use his USB mouse as well because after restart, the mouse was not being recognized. So, here I sit, with a month old 21.5" iMac that does not recognize either the wireless mouse or the wireless keyboard that came with it. I've double checked that the batteries are good and that for both devices, the green indicator lights flash when trying to be "found" via bluetooth. Still, no luck.

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    First off before going to the Apple store, go into System Preferences > Bluetooth and ensure Bluetooth is on and discoverable. Also keyboard and mouse appear in the left hand pane.
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