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Thread: Bought a New Mac Mini not iLife 11

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    Bought a New Mac Mini not iLife 11
    I just went to a apple reseller called Myer today and bought a new Mac Mini, but it didn't come with iLife 11, i know there is a program but that is if you bought a new mac a few days before iLife came out, is there a way i can get iLife 11?

    Thanks in advance
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    Call Apple - seems what I read is that if you bought a machine that did not have it pre-installed, you could get it for $10 or something like that
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    I bought my iMac from an apple store 5 days before the back to mac event, where iLife 11 was announced. I just went back to store and they gave me a retail box no questions asked. Having said that 7 or $10 dollars is a small price to pay for some quality apps.

    I'd go to your nearest store and explain exactly what you have here. I'm sure they'll help you out whatever way they can.

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