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Thread: Imac G5 wacky display problem

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    Imac G5 wacky display problem
    :spook: Wacky display problem on imac G5. Display
    darkens at top of screen (like only half the screen is
    about to go to sleep.) The screen flickers slightly first.
    Will do it irractically. I can do a quick fix by putting
    it to sleep and awenkening it. Really bugs me.
    Running OSX 10.4.
    Imac purchased in Feb this year. :p

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    found the solution under imac G5 Display problems. Guess it's going back to apple centre who didn't know what was wrong with it!

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    Good luck. Hope the repairs don't take forever!

    edit: Btw why is this thread so wide?maybe a few returns in your post will shrink it a bit?
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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    Hi sorry, wide screen, had same
    problem with my website.

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