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    You are using a headphone jack, not a line out jack. If the volume of the audio isn't high enough, or too high you are going to get fuzz on the line.

    Line out jacks have a constant voltage, usually around 1.4 volts for car stereo systems, headphone jacks don't have a constant voltage, it changes with volume, which is why headphone jacks aren't recommended for plugging into an amp. (Only using car audio system as example since I've worked a lot with them but principle is the same.)

    The reason the USB iMic works well is because it is a line out jack. Another cause for the hum could be a ground issue. If the audio cables are running too close to the ground wiring in your house, or the computer for that matter, it could be causing the hum. Since the iMic is an external card it wouldn't be affected as much.
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    Thanks Stretch. I'll look into the USB iMic. As I described, just disconnecting the cable from the receiver and just plugging it into my M-Audio speakers there is no hum and they are designed to use headphone output (I checked it's doc) so I think the USB iMic will do the trick. :-)

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