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Thread: iMac Screen - Flickering w. 24 colors ???

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    Question iMac Screen - Flickering w. 24 colors ???

    So I turned on the iMac and it was running fine for about 5-10min when I noticed total loss of color to what looked like 24 colors and flickering... I tried to do the display firmware update 1.0 (I'm running MAC OS X 10.6.2) it gave me some alert that I don't need this update... All software is up to do...

    Any ideas?

    Attached a couple pics...


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums
    Have you tried changing the settings in System Preferences > Displays?
    If so then try reseting PRAM and NVRAM, PRAM contains monitor depth etc.
    Guide on how to do this is here:
    Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM

    - Simon

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    As you were advised in Macrumors, looks like your video card is bad. Apple are the best to advise.

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    Gpu :(

    I've tried system display settings w/out any success

    Tried resetting the PRAM and NVRAM, no love.

    Next step... Applecare.

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