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    IMac G4 folder face after OS install
    i just used my mac book to install os x 10.5 on my imac g4. Prior to installing this I kept getting the screen with the face and ?. I used a firewire and went through the process of installing the OS from the DVD straight to the g4 hard drive. After installing I'm able to boot my macbook off of the Imac hard drive fine and it looks just like a brand new mac. I can even hear the hard drive on the Imac working on boot up. But when i turn on the Imac not connected to the macbook it just gets the face/? screen again. I even tried using option on start up and there is no choices for boot up. I'm assuming that means its not seeing the HD. But previous to this i tried using disk utility on the macbook through firewire to put Tiger on the hard drive and was able to get through the install of the 1st CD so it was able to see it then.

    Sorry for the rant but if anyone has any idea please let me know


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    The copy of Leopard you attempted or perhaps may have somewhat installed on your G4 is not going to work as it's specific for the MacBook. You would need a retail (black) Leopard set in order to install it on your G4.

    Retail copies of Leopard are currently difficult to find and are expensive. You may be able to purchase a copy from eBay, but expect to pay around $120 or more.

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    I actually have a copy of Tiger but i think the cd drive is broken since the computer won't boot from the CD and i can't use the firewire method from the macbook since the Tiger install won't start up on my macbook. Anything you know that i dont that could help me

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