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    using spyder2pro software
    Hello, being new to this site I was looking for answers on using the Spyder 2Pro software on my 24" Mac Os X

    I am nervous about using it and was wondering if it is a pretty simple thing to do? I noticed that when I printed from my photoshop cs5 to my Epson r2400 printer the colors were not accurate at all. When I print straight from my Mac the colors are beautiful. I am looking for near perfection when I print. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is all so foreign to me. Also, should I also calibrate my Dell U2410 monitor (which mirrors my mac)

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    Monitor calibration will calibrate the monitor, that is a good thing but have little effect on print.

    You will have no problems using the Syder 2Pro

    By printing straight from your mac - do you mean

    Photoshop probably assigns the SWOP coated commercial printing profile when printing. You will have to play with the colour profiles for your printer (print management is to the right of the print dialogue in CS5)
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