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    Apr 06, 2010
    G5 tower freezes, screen is blank on start up
    Hi there, any help from you guys and girls would be really appreciated.

    I have a G5 tower that has had some running issues in the past which had to be fixed with a reconditioned motherboard from the states. That was diagnosed on this forum too.

    With the newish board installed it has been running for a few months very smoothly. Until recently, when the machine just freezes, no spinning wheel, or Kernal Panic, everything just still.
    After forced restart the machine turns on and bongs but no screen.
    I've started it up and then reset the PRAM through the keyboard (2 bongs) and yes the screen does come on. Ive replaced the PRAM battery but it still hangs after a short while (maybe 20mins of use), and I have to force quit it again.

    Here's a strange one, would not start up today after 2 attempts until I had removed some recently fitted RAM then it started up. But froze shortly after.
    Then wouldn't start up again. Then tried zapping the PRAM which wouldn't zapp.

    Ive swapped the graphics card from another machine to see if that was a reacted just the same.

    The Hardrive is in good nick with correct permissions, its runs perfectly well in a borrowed G5 I have on loan.

    Running out of options and really need to fix it soon, as its my livelihood and am very reluctant to fork out for a new machine

    Again, thanks for looking any help is much appreciated.


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    Sound like a memory issue...they need to be Mac compatible sticks and installed in pairs. Also a new driver or extension can cause a freeze....also cheap shareware apps. Boot in Verbose mode.Hold down the Apple key and V key. this will display text about the booting process.

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    Apr 06, 2010
    Just swapped the RAM for some good quality RAM out of the loaned G5 Ive have at the mo. It still refuses to start up and the PRAM wont zapp either using the keyboard shortcut of Apple,Alt,R,P.

    Any more suggestions? Should I be resetting the PMU?

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    iMac, i7 4GHz, 32GB memory, 1TB PCI-e storgae StOS X.13.3
    Logic board - again!

    And it is Option Command P and R.

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    Apr 06, 2010
    Any more for Logic Board? Cos if it is, I'll soon have a G5 case and gubbins up for sale

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