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    networking an old g4 to a new iMac
    First off, I am new to this site and mac forums in general so bare with me. I am a graphic / web designer not a computer science guy. Thanks for any info.

    As the title states, I am attempting to hook up an old G4 powermac to a new iMac. I need to retrieve all the old files from the G4 and would like to reformat it. The G4 does not have a monitor. Is it possible to achieve what I am attempting. I would like to use the G4 so that its not just a paperweight. Any suggestions for using the G4 the most efficient would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks

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    If it has a firewire connection, and you have a firewire 800/400 cable or adaptor, then it should be possible to do it in Target disc mode, yes.
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    DEpends if the G4 has wireless or not. But you will need a monitor to get the G4 set-up.

    My G4 is set up with a direct ethernet connection toi the router. You will have to boot up the g4 and get it connected in some way, either to your router or directly to the imac's ethernet. It will need a valid ethernet address for an internal network, like, but check your router's set-up.

    You will need to turn on file sharing on the G4's preferences, which will give it limited sharing capabilities.

    If you can connect the two up then you are good to go, if you want more control of what folders and drives the G4 shares (assuming it is running 10.4) then download SharePoints. If the G4 is running Leopard you already have more control over its file sharing options.

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    Response to post

    What is the newest operating system that I could install on the G4. I have 10.6 on my imac

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    Quote Originally Posted by splitvizion View Post

    What is the newest operating system that I could install on the G4. I have 10.6 on my imac
    You should give the full specs on the G4.

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    As a general rule of thumb, G4 = Tiger (10.4).

    I have a G3 iMac and a G4 eMac networked - when required. They're interconnected through an ethernet 'switch' (a hub), like this TL-SF1005D.

    I wonder if your best options might not be to:
    1. use the Firewire Target mode as suggested by Kevriano, or
    2. burn the desired material to a cd/dvd, or
    3. transfer files via flash drives.
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    G4 to iMac 2.8 Quad
    I had been able to connect my G5 to my G4 via a router ethernet connection. This isn't working on my new pair [G4 to iMac 2.8 Quad], even after putting in a direct ethernet cable between the two, as advised by Apple.

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