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Thread: Imac 3.06 2008 upgrade memory and...

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    Imac 3.06 2008 upgrade memory and...

    I am looking to upgrade my mac from the 4Gb but from the looking around they are saying is isn't recommended ?! Very Bizarre can anyone hlpe and suggest what upgrade I can do on my Imac.

    I am a Photographer & Graphic Designer using Adobe CS4 and i want a little bit extra upmuh! to the machine.


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    You can upgrade it to 6gb of ram by putting one 2gb stick in one slot and another 4gb stick in another slot you might (potentially) lose dual channel bandwidth, but I think the more likely scenario is that you'll get 4gb of dual channel while the extra 2 gb is single channel. Amount of ram is more important than ram bandwidth for everyday stuff like photoshop anyways.

    The other possible upgrade would be to change out your HDD for an SSD. Ram and SSD would be the 2 most noticeable factors when working with large files under CS. With an SSD, your files will load much faster and save much faster.

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