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    hi there ive had a mac all my life and i currently use an eMac 10.3.9 and im finding it hard to find a printer which is compatiable with it as new printers say only compatiable with 10.4 or higher, does anyone know of a printer which is will work with my mac?
    thank you regards michele

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    Well that's kind of a sign that your OS is dated. It's probably easier just to update your OS than trying to find a printer that will work with your current OS.

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    Is it just a printer. Usually that just requires a printer profile and some PPD drivers. It may be that the printer will work with 10.3, as long as you dont want anything fancy like scanning and fax.

    The manufactures would probably not list it as 10.3 compatible, since so few machines run Panther nowadays

    It may be that the open source GutenPrint library will have drivers for newer printers as well, since it is kept up to date
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    Theres really good used compatible printers at the thrift store..nice laser printers like for $4.00. I still use an Apple Laserwriter Pro630... along with several others from the thrift store. Have 3 color lasers from the thrift store. You do have to know what your doing...I always test them there unless I find it in a dumpster.

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