Hi, all,

Sorry to make my very first post here a problem, but here goes:

I'm in a relatively new job, and I'm (luckily) the only one in the office running a mac. I'm on a G5 tower running 10.5.5.

My problem is that I am unable to connect to our smb server here in the office, and, apparently my predecessor and former IT guy were unable to make it happen, either. The problem I'm having is that when I use the connect to server command in the Go menu in Finder, I get the ""The text entered does not appear to be a recognized URL format." Simple Googling led me to the fix of deleting the URL mount directory from the old mac, but that didn't work, and I'm still getting the error. I'm able to ping the server in terminal, but I can't get past the URL bit, even though I'm 100 percent certain I'm entering a valid URL.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

I'm planning on updating the OS ASAP, but the 800 MB download will kill the rinky dink connection here, so I have to do it after hours. Does anyone know if this issue was addressed in later updates?