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    wireless mouse not working
    I have a Kensington wireless bluetooth mouse with my 2 day old mini and after the mini went to sleep and I went to wake it up, there was no mouse to be found. I tried "discover", but it hasn't worked. I'm kind of helpless without mouse since I do not have a wired mouse to work with. Any ideas?


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    The batteries in the mouse are brand new. I did the most simple thing to solve the problem and that was to go and buy a $10 wired mouse from Best Buy and used it to re-establish a connection with the bluetooth mouse. I had to establish a connection again after the power went out last night, but I didn't have to use the wired mouse this time. The Mac was looking for a bluetooth device and I had to push the discover button on the mouse in order for a connection.

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    I took back the Kensington Bluetooth mouse today.
    The constantly having to "rediscover" the mouse after the mini had been sleeping got old. When it worked, it worked well, but the $10 wired mouse from Best Buy works all the time.

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