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    i dont have no mac's
    I am back....with the new powermac ;)
    i know i wasnt gone for all too long but i was basically unable to get online since i got my new powermac....@ home i have always had 56k connection and bought the powermac without a modem....planned on having dad get some sort of broadband connection...

    so we got verizon fios 15/5M connection only because there was a good year i am going to have to downgrade to the 5/2 connection but still that is plenty fast enough....even my dad likes the internet as well (although he was complaining that it wasnt working the other day, too bad he was typing the URL into a search **** it wasnt workin dad )

    so the new dual 2.7 G5 with 2.5 gigs RAM freaking flies....i <3 it a lot. I only have one problem with it, but that is for a thread which i will start later which requires users and my root(or admin) account. i kinda forgot my username and password when i setup the computer for the ver first time and everything my users are all messed up and what not....

    well...hopefully i can continue to help out the forums a lil bit...good day all!

    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Sounds like your system is a winner. I know mine has been awesome since day 1!!! Post your specs sometime- I'd like to see what monitor you use, etc.

    EDIT: I got the modem in mine to use dialup while I'm on vacation at my parents' house. Can't wait to have broadband again, but this gets the job done.
    "Luck favors the prepared"

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