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    Mac Pro 3,1 Video Card...again
    I am going to upgrade my video card soon and have narrowed it down to these two cards...

    ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (Mid 2010) - Apple Store (U.S.)

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (early 2009) - Apple Store (U.S.)

    My concern is not so much power, price or speciality but merely build quality. Do you have experience or know the reputations for these two cards? Is one known for being more reliable, more quiet, cooler? Thanks!

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    Thought we had this thread before. However Apple rates the 5770 up to 5 times faster than the older GeForce 120 it replaced, and Benchmarks on October 7 rated the 5770 at 1,560 and the 120 at 388 which sure supports that up to 5X faster.

    PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmarks - High End Video Cards

    Go with the ATI Radeon HD5770 if your Mac Pro is mid 2010 model.

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