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    Using time machine with a non intel Imac
    My wife's intel imac crashed to the point it could not be repaired. All was backed up on time machine. I found her a like new non intel imac (she never used the pc side anyway). It came loaded with 10.4. I would like to use time machine to put everything back on this imac. I tried loading off the external drive and much of the files would not open right. Do I need to frormat the drive and then put on something newer than 10.4 which would allow me to use the time machine info. Can I use snow leopard on a non intel imac?


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    Time Machine will not work with Tiger. You need to at least have Leopard on the machine you bought for your wife. And, a Leopard retail set is going to be expensive. NewEgg and Amazon has them but the retail set (black) is going for around $129 or higher.

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    And no, Snow Leopard cannot be run on a non-Intel machine.

    Even if you get Leopard installed, I would be extremely hesitant about importing any settings from a SL TM back up. Importing of personal data, documents, music, etc should be ok.
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    Since Apple do not sell 10.5 anymore. It's very hard to find someone selling it for a reasonable price. I've seen it go from $50 al the way to $500. Yes it's getting very hard to find these days for a decent price.

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