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    Can I install new video card on iMac 2008
    I currently have a 2.8 Ghz intel core 2 duo iMac (2008) with the upgraded nvidia geforce 8800 GT 512mb and 5gb of ram however I am wanting to play a game that requires FINAL FANTASY XIV thus I am thinking i need to upgrade my video card. What is the best way to do this.... I heard that since my iMac was upgraded it has a connector to the logic board. I was thinking that if a long cable exists that i could run out the bottom of iMac and plug into a new graphics card which is compatible with newer imac or mac pro.... is this possible? if so what cards and cables do i need?

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    What you see is what you got. Sorry, but your iMac's graphic card can not be upgraded. It's soldered (actually surface mounted) to the logic board. Any kind of alteration to the logic board will likely destroy it and of course void your warranty.

    You will need to buy a new iMac for the latest graphic card, or, if you have the money, a Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is upgradeable.

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