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Thread: when it tries to boot n e thing it turns off

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    Unhappy when it tries to boot n e thing it turns off
    if i boot it from the onboard harddrives.. it shows a screen with a grey apple in the center.. then turns off.. if i boot it from the cdrom again i see a grey apple in the center of the screen.. then turns off.. seems like if it tries to boot to n e thing it just turns off.. i even tried swapping out harddrives and and even the cd rom... still the same result.. please help me..

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    Ok, we'd need some information though:

    -What kind of mac is it? (iMac, Powerbook, iBook etc.)
    -What model it is? (if you know) (iMac G3, iMac G4, iMac G5?)
    -What OS was/is installed (OS 9/OS X)

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    mayby your holding the power button on too long

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    Quote Originally Posted by iWonder
    mayby your holding the power button on too long
    If you hold it for more than 7 seconds it shuts itself back off.
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    power supply may be going? im not a mac tech, but a pc tech and to me it sounds like it could be one of 2 things.. power supply is going, or more than likely if mac's have this feature, its a Thermal Shut Down feature where if a Processor fan fails and it gets too hot, it shuts down to prevent damage.. just some probably way off but thought i would try..


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