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    Question Problems About Install Programs To My IMac !!!
    Hello ! Again Everyone

    I have some questions again for my IMac. I am still new for Mac, and There are still too many things inside Mac that I don't really know, so I really need help.

    First of all, Before I've gotten my this new IMac, and I've had some programs at home that I've used for my school projects that I used to install into my PC, and everything was good. Most of programs that I used to install into my PC, they were very easy to install. Every programs that I installed into whenever I turned them on for using my school projects, they were very easy to turned on, and no any problems at all such as Photoshop CS2, Flash MX2004, Dreamweaver MX2004, Fireworks MX2004, Dreamweaver CS4, Lightwave 3D v9.6, After Effect CS4, and so on. But, After I've gotten my this new IMac that I used to dream to get one for all my 3Ds, Websites, and Graphics that I have always heard about much better than PC, some programs that can use for Mac as well, which say behind each programs' boxes such as my Lightwave 3D v9.6, Dreamweaver MX2004, Fireworks MX2004, Flash MX2004, so on. But, after I've installed each programs that I've done for almost 4 or 5 of them as same as I've done in all my PC, but all of them couldn't turn on at all. I mean all programs that I've install into my new IMac couldn't work at all, so I really don't know what I have to do now.

    Second, I've installed all my graphic programs into my new IMac as same as the way I've done on my PC, but all of them won't work on My new IMac, but most of my graphic programs they mention behind each boxes that I can use for both PC and Mac. All graphic programs that I've installed into my IMac all of them letted me install, and they installed successfully, but all of them I couldn't let me turn on all graphic programs. Can some one help me? It will be greatly appreciated very much.

    I don't really know what I have to do now. I am still planning to buy some new graphic programs to install into my new IMac again, but I have to solve all these problems first. Please! help. I don't know I NEED TO DOWNLOAD SOME IMPORTANT PROGRAMS BEFORE CAN INSTALL ANY NEW PROGRAMS for my IMac or NOT. If someone can help, please help. It will be greatly appreciated very much. I am worried everything because I don't really know any information about MAC yet. I am trying to know lots, but it will take more times.

    Thank you so much again and I hope everyone can understand my questions.
    I will wait for all useful comments.

    Bunthid or Max

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    It sounds like you need to learn more about your new iMac. Installing programs on a Mac is much easier than a PC but it is different. I suggest try getting help from a friend who is experienced with a Mac or perhaps buy a book that gives the basics.

    Also - when posting here: Do not use a script font or one that is of a different color other than black. It's OK to use different fonts and colors for emphasis in small amounts, but not the entire post. And when posting, tell us about your Mac - model year. And which version of OS X you're running.

    You also mentioned that you were having difficulty installing graphical programs. Which ones? What isn't working?

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