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    Apr 13, 2010
    help understanding my G4
    hello all;
    i need some opinions here.

    should i dump a bunch of money into a G4 that only has a 100mhz fsb, or should i save my pennies for a G5. tell me what you think, i dont have a lot of extra income so, to through money at a half dead horse seems to be a waste and buying a G5 will take a while and my wife will probably threaten me with bodily harm for spending the money. there it is, tell me what you think!

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    Frankly, I wouldn't be putting money into any 5+ year old PPC Mac at this date. Either save your pennies for an Intel Mac, or if you need a computer now, get a cheap Windows machine that will tide you over.
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    Just put some flavor of Linux on the cheap PC. I picked up a nice HP Pavilion 2.2 gig at the thrift store the other day for $20.00.

    Why do you need to upgrage this G4..thought you put 10.4 on it.
    I use a Quicksilver to surf with...thats all its for..does a fine job.

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    Apr 13, 2010
    i put panther 10.3.9. and yes i can cruise the internet just fine.
    actually this machine is as good as an old a 462 mobo i have in a compaq.
    i guess i expect too much out of an old machine, and the way my mac friends hype the mac i guess i expected more from this old machine.

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    Expected more from a machine that is now over ten years old with the 100MHz system bus speed? Dinosaurs is dinosaurs regardless of which company makes them and you cannot escape slow graphics and slow bus speeds and slow processors alas.

    Also consider skipping the G5 and saving for a Mac Pro or other Intel model.

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