I'm on OSX 10.6.3 (Imac). Just got this new Imac the other day, migration partly worked but for some reason no matter what I try, (manually or migration) I'm not able to get the Safari (or Firefox) 'history' and my 'passwords' to transfer.

I finally got the bookmarks to work from the old Safari to the new Imac Safari, I think it was the plist drag/drop that worked.. but I'm not able to get the history to do the same. When I drag/drop the original 16MB plist file into the Library/Safari folder a newly generated file appears on start up of the program. It starts out with the original 'history' plist (16MB), but when i either restart or go to check Safari it shows a new (4KB) history plist file.

How do I get the original history to sick? I figure I must be missing something in the transfer, like not bringing in another file with the plist file, etc.?

Same thing for the passwords I had saved on my old Imac (OSX 10.4.11), they obviously didn't transfer either. I have no clue which file they are stored on? I'm guessing it's either the 'Form Values' file, or 'Configurations' file? I dragged and dropped both files from the old Safari, so if either of them is where the passwords are stored it didn't work.

Recap, bookmarks are set and fine. I need to know what files to drop into which folders to get my history to transfer/migrate into the new Safari, as well as the passwords (keychain?)?

On Firefox I got the bookmarks to finally transfer by doing the drag/drop until i got the right combo.. but I still haven't got the passwords to transfer on there either. (I would like to transfer the history there but not as needed as on the Safari.) Possibly it's the same file type and method of manual migration for both programs, just different folders where they reside obviously?

Thank you for any help!