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    Question Moving from old imac to new imac query
    I have an old iMac G5 which I think is about 6 years old and I have outgrown it with what I do now. I'm intending to upgrade to a new iMac. The question I have is how difficult is it to transfer all my stuff from one mac to another.
    I will obviously have a spring clean before transfering anything over.
    The Apple store appear to encourage people to buy into the one-to-one where they say they'll set it all up. Is that necessary?
    Is it difficult to set up a new Mac from an old one? Where might I find tips about this? Is there a good site that I should be looking at?
    I have an old version of iPhoto etc so I'm wondering if there might be issues in transfering my library to a new version etc.
    I feel pretty much in the dark about this.
    Most things on Macs are pretty easy once someone points you in the right direction and I'm hoping this is true of my question.
    If anyone is able to offer some pointers I would be really grateful.

    The Apple store said that when they do it they make sure everything is in the "right place" which left me with the niggling doubt that things go wrong! Maybe it was meant to place some doubt in my mind so I would spend over 70 for the one-to-one stuff?

    I'm new to the forum and I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this question so forgive me if this has all been dealt with at length elsewhere. It may be that I could find the answer outside of the forum and any direction on this would be appreciated. If there is a good thread already about this then I apologise for starting another but I couldn't find it. If anyone has a link to an existing thread then that would be great.

    Thanks for looking at my query and in advance thanks for any help that comes my way.

    All the best
    Mr Iz

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    There are possibly three ways of doing this. Firstly, you can use Time Machine to store all your current settings, internet connections, email stuff and, indeed, everything you presently have on your iMac.

    When you get your new iMac, you use the installation disc to download the latest OS and then, on prompting, connect the Time Machine EHD to the iMac and everything is transferred.

    Others prefer a disc cloning application such as SuperDuper which clones your current HD allowing you to reproduce this on your new iMac.

    Thirdly, after installing the latest OS from the installation disc, you could use Migration Assistant to migrate your current folders etc. to the new machine.

    My approach, right or wrong, has always been to back up on to a Time Machine EHD and use this (after installation of the latest OS via your installation Disc) to reproduce your entire system on the new computer.

    Others with more computer savvy than I, may offer alternatives.

    Good fortune.


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    Thanks Ian for the good advice.

    I don't have Time Machine I'm on Mac OS X 10.4.11 so I guess I'll be looking at one of the alternative methods unless

    I'm sure there are lots of ways to do this and perhaps there is no single right way but I really just wanted to sound out a few ideas.

    I very much appreciate your time.

    All the best
    Mr Iz

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