i cant spell... simaltaniously...whatever LOL

im in process of purchasing a mac mini a1176 with intel CORE 2 DUO t5200 cpu and 2 gigs ram and 120gb HDD. this is the model with the dvi output in the back.

i know i can plug it into my HDTV directly from this port via HDMI adapter, and i know i can plug this mac mini into my 15"lcd monitor via a DVI - VGA adapter.... but can i do both at same time?

i plan on using the mac mini as part of my HDTV home theater setup getup, but i also would like to use it on a standard 15" lcd monitor for those times when the TV is in use for other purposes... WITHOUT having to switch out any cables. i wanna be able to keep it plugged into both the TV and the lcd onitor at same time.... please dont beat me to death cause im stoopid, im pretty new to macs but i have made the switch 100% with my 3 ibooks and my 2 g4 towers... this will be my first intel mac

cant wait for snow leopard