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    Question What Is The Best Printer For My iMAC ?
    Hello! Everyone

    I am a newbie in here, and I am also newbie for MAC, so I really need information for my iMAC Desktop. Please! help.

    I am planning to buy a great new printer for my iMAC, but I don't really know what the best printer is for my iMAC to use for my school projects and also for my work future projects. Please! help

    I am an intermediate Web-designer and an intermediate 3D animator, but I still don't know much about MAC hardwares.

    Thank you very much. It will be greatly appreciated.

    Bunthid or Max

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    Well I like laser printers because theres no ink to dry up if it sits for a while. Look at the small Color Laser printers from HP or Brother. If you need to do Photos youll need an ink jet photo printer. Most lasers are only 600dpi to 1200dpi, great if all you need is to print text docs with spot color graphics etc.

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    I would also advise to get a laser printer, especially if you need to type a lot of papers. text is more crisp on a laser printer.

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    A color laser is of course nice to have. But a note of caution before buying any color laser....

    First, check to see what the cost of toner is. Generally color toner for laser printers will put you in the poor house! Four cartridges are usually needed.

    Second, ask about drum replacement. Cheaper color lasers require a drum replacement after so many copies. Better color lasers (HP in mind) do not require a drum replacement as that is included with the cartridge.

    My advice: Unless you really need a color laser, don't buy one. Buy a color InkJet that's compatible with OS X and includes drivers. Canon, HP, Brother, Epson, all make good color InkJet printers and generally include drivers for OS X.

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    I should of said all 3 of my color lasers are used and Ive yet to buy any toners for them. I also have several b&w lasers as well. My magicolor 2430 has over 2000 pages left on the toners and 45000 on the drum. Color lasers cost more initially than ink jets. The toner cartridges cost more also. However, the toner cartridges last longer making the color laser cheaper to use. Lasers typically last longer than ink jets with the life expectancy being five years compared with the ink jet's life expectancy of three years. However, the ink jet costs much less than the color laser and the cartridges also cost much less. Most ink jet cartridges will provide about 200 pages per cartridge whereas a laser toner cartridge may provide about 8,000 pages per cartridge. Color lasers are less expensive overall to operate even though the cash outlay is more when you do need toner. Good luck in your search.

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    I have a 99 dollar Brother B & W laser printer that works great with OS X. And for color printing I have a high-end HP All in One printer that works great. Both printers are on my wireless network. My Brother seems to offer the most bang for a buck. Decide what printers you like then read the reviews on Amazon.
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    I have a Xerox color laser printer and would recommend it. Inkjets always dried up on me.

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