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    Slow Mac, but it worked fine before!
    Hi guys,

    My work colleague is having a bit of trouble with his mac pro and I'm on here trying to get help to solve the problem whilst he tries a million different things...we'll see who wins

    Ok, as short as I can, but with as much detail as i can:

    We are using two macs, each is a mac pro running snow leopard. They are each connected separately to a router by ethernet cable and we can see each others files when we are plugged into it.

    We then have an external hard drive, normally plugged into my colleagues computer which i can access also.

    We have never had any problems with slowness, sharing, saving, nothing. All was well in the world.

    Then one day we realised we were running out of external hard drive space and the guy from I.T came and plugged in some other hard drive. We didn't want that one (too small for our needs) so we unplugged it and got on with our work whilst a new hard drive is on order to replace this current one.

    Since then, my colleagues mac has been having much trouble. It is being really slow in browsing through files both on the external hard drive and it's own. It is crashing when trying to save files and has had some trouble finding some fonts (but this last problem seems to have magically disappeared after the old shut down/restart solution)

    When we unplugged it from the router it sped up to normal in looking through files and seems to save things just fine.

    So we seem to have got the problem down to being something to do with when the mac is plugged into the router, but we have no idea why this would slow it down or what to do to stop it.

    My mac, which is plugged into the same router is having no problems whatsoever. At the moment so i can work i have plugged the external hard drive into my mac and let my colleague faff about with his mac

    Any ideas lovely folks?! Have i missed any vital info out?

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    You answered it. Full hard drive slows down your computers. You require some 15% at least for a drive to work at its optimum performance.

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    A full boot drive will slow you down but not a full external. Which drive is full?

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    It's the external hard drive which is nearly full, the boot drive has like 400Gb spare so it's not that which is the issue - first thing i thought to ask him.

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    Nobody? Nothing? It's still going slow and my colleague hasn't figured it out yet

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