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    Thumbs down Broken Display or, as I call it: Broken Glass Image
    My 17",2006 iMac is giving me some problems and this is how it looks like:

    The problem appears at random and it doesn't affect anything besides the image; I can still work and do everything as usual but, as you can see, I can't see a bloody thing.

    The problem appeared a couple of months ago after the local MacStore changed a disc driver I had and updating from Tiger to Snow Leopard. This problem also won't appear when the room is cool enough and it will go away as soon as I turn on an AC and wait long enough for the room to cool down.
    The problem will go away for a while if I restart the computer or go into stand-by or if it enters screen saver mode.

    As far as I am concerned, that's all there is to know about it.

    I appreciate any help or information or insight.


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    Hard to say exactly what the problem is (my guess involves someone not replacing the thermal paste while they were in there). I'm not sure what you mean by "changing a disc driver," but either way you should show this to the store where the repair was done.

    Of course, you should have done this two months ago, but still -- if that's when the problem started, then chances are high they didn't do something properly.

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    Graphical distortion is common when the GPU starts to overheat. My guess is you've either got a faulty fan, or as chas said, someone did a faulty repair.

    My guess is the heatsink for the GPU was removed and reseated without replacing the thermal paste -- or they replaced the thermal paste, but slathered it on. Too much thermal paste will act as an insulator, instead of bridging the gap between the heatsink and the processor surface.

    Was this repair shop an actual Apple Store, or a "mom and pop" type of shop?
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    Great minds think alike, cwa107.

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    I will 3rd that. Totally agree with CWA and Chas. Looks like the GPU is overheating. Take it back to who changed the Disk Drive(???) and make them fix it.

    BTW, By Disk Drive do you mean the DVD (Optical) drive or the Hard Drive?

    Someone did not either put HS Grease on the GPU or the Heat Pipe is not installed correctly. I hope the GPU is not damaged, but since the issue happened after their repair, they are responsible!

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    I read that post several times.... It doesn't make sense that whoever did the repair, whether it was to replace the hard drive or optical drive, would mess with the logic board where the GPU is mounted. Either the OP is not telling us the complete story, or his local "MacStore" was messing around in an area they shouldn't have. I too agree with cw107 and chas_m that it sure looks like an overheating problem - a serious one.


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