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    Connecting a display to my Mac Book Pro
    Dear all, I have a small issue when coming to connect an external display to my macbook pro.

    So the hardware that I am using are:

    Apple Macbook Pro (5.1 Version 2009)
    Acer 23inch Display (Model: P235H B)

    I am connecting the Acer screen with my macbook pro using a DVI to Minidisplay port adapter. In the 'System Preferences - Displays' I mirrored the screens, therefore what is showing on my mac screen is showing on the acer screen.

    As soon as I connect the display, the resoltuion on my mac changes and becomes like a more wider cinema screen, but that does not annoy me as I turn off all the brightness on my mac screen to use only the 23inch acer display.

    The resolution on the Acer screen is not that clear, it is like magnified. The automatic resolution that the mac chooses is : 1360 x 768. The other available resolutions, which are higher that the one given above are: 1600 x 900 and 1920 x 1080. The last mentioned two are the ideal resolution that I would like to have on my screen, but they both leave about 1inch blank black space on the sides of the screen.

    On my macbook pro i have an Nvidia GeForce 9400M & 9400M GT graphics card.

    Any help please?


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