Hello all, I'm new here but an old school MAC user.

I've been all over the internet but cannot seem to find a thread that gives me the solution I need. I'm hoping to get something from posting my own.

I've got a MacMini that connected to my Verizon Wireless router just fine before I installed Snow Leopard. Now, I can't get on the internet.

Airport says connected with IP address (or any other IP I change it to) but Safari cannot pull up any web pages.

I had a friend w/ the same issue and he had to manually set his IP and Subnet addresses and it worked for him. I tried this and it did not work for me. I'm typing this on a Windows laptop connected to the same router..so we know it works. Any help would be great... it's driving me insane. (Had a friend come over w/ Powerbook and he hooked??).

Thanks ahead of time.... JRG.