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    Is the glass able to be taken off the new iMacs ?
    I remember seeing Youtube video's once upon a time, which showed how to take the glass off of older iMacs, which left just a matte screen underneath. It is usually done with suction cups or strong adhesive tape, though the former is far less messy and safer.

    I wonder if the same is possible with the newer ones ? I'd love to get an iMac in a couple months time, but don't really want one with a glossy screen. I'm also just wondering if I should wait for the next release, since everyone keeps saying "what kind of update were you expecting to see in a Summer release"? What would the next typical release time tend to be with their track record ?


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    Well they just updated iMacs a few days ago:
    Apple - iMac - The ultimate all-in-one desktop computer.

    So I doubt we'll see a new one any time soon. Looks like the average refresh cycle is currently 226 days.

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