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    "You need to restart your computer"?!
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm on a iMac G5 Tiger 10.4.1
    Everything's working fine.
    When I go to shut down this message "You need to restart your computer" Hold down power button for several seconds or press restart" comes up in four languages.
    I gather this may be something to do with "Kernel Panic"?
    If I push the power button the computer shuts down. If I don't push the power button, after about a minute or so, the fans go full belt and I have to turn the power off to stop it.
    On re-starting a panel comes up saying "The computer was re-started after Mac OSX quit unexpectedly"

    Can anyone help with this?


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    I think this is in the wrong section, but still, someone may be able to help.



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    You are already getting answers in your other thread.
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