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Thread: New iMac. Worth keeping G5 as server?

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    Question New iMac. Worth keeping G5 as server?
    Hey everyone...

    I just got a shiny new 27" iMac. I am a graphic designer so having various backup solutions in place is of utmost importance to me. I kept all my work files, iphoto library and itunes library on my old G5 and set it up as a file server using a fresh Leopard install and turning on File Sharing, Screen Sharing etc.

    It seems to work well, files save quick enough, open quick enough etc. No real complaints...

    But I also got an Airport Extreme and I was wondering if just hooking up a USB hub to it with a few large USB drives for various backups, Time Machine backup etc. would be a better solution as I could sell my G5 (over a TB of space, 4G of Ram, 20 inch cinema display) for a decent sum still.

    Also with the 1 TB of hard drive on the iMac I have plenty of room to move iPhoto and iTunes back to the iMac so they run a bit snappier and it would all be included in my Time Machine Back up as well.

    What are your thoughts? Just wondering if having a G5 powered on is overkill just for file storage and backup.

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    Send that old G5 to can never have to many Macs.

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    For the right price, sure!

    Thinking I am going to sell my G5 rig and go with FW800 drives for backup etc.

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