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    Wink I Mac 27' quad core Problem
    Hello to all,

    Please can some one explain to me, Can u turn on/off IMac with Remote control?
    And if you can, please send me how to.

    Thank you all,

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    The iMac doesn't come with a remote so there's no "built-in" way of doing this..there are most likely software that can turn off the computer..and you'd need to find a way of interfacing a remote to pressing the button on the back that much work?

    I don't turn my iMac off at all..I just have it go to sleep after an hour or two of idle time and then I just click the keyboard/mouse to wake it back up and continue using it..


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    Not using Apple's Remote. You can play/pause music, adjust vol, etc. but not shutdown. There are a variety of ways of having a shortcut key on the keyboard do it ( or control-eject or control-option-command-eject).
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