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    New Mac Mini with dual monitors?
    This is my first post here, hello everyone!
    I recently purchased one of the new Mac Minis but now have trouble connecting my 2 VGA monitors.
    At first i thought it would be really simple: One monitor connects to the Mini Display port using a VGA adatpter, the other monitors connects thru a HDMI to VGA adapter thing to the HDMI port. Then I realised that this isn't possible, so the trouble began.
    Now I try to use a Matrox Dual Head Box, but it still isn't working! The signal comes out of the Mac Mini Display Port, where I attached the adapter to VGA. The VGA cable goes into my Matrox box which is connected to the 2 Monitors. I think this is the way how it should be, correct me if I'm wrong.
    The problem is that my Samsung monitors want a 1680x1050 resolution. Theoretically the picture has to be stretched to fit both moitors, so 3360x1050 should be the perfect resolution. So I searched a way to enter this resolution and found a little programm called "SwitchResX". I entered this resolution and restarted my Mac with the Matrox box connected..and nothing! One monitors just says "Not perfect resolution - 1680x1050?" and thats it. Also, I have no idea how to use this program that came with the box called "Matrox Power Desk".
    I really hate this, because I need this stuff for my work, so every hour I spend searching for a solution is money for me. Thats why I would really really appreciate any help on this one.

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    Not too familiar with the Matrox in particular, but I think the problem is that 3360x1050 isn't a valid resolution in the first place. There's no way that a single display could drive that (insane) resolution.

    Go to Display in Settings and see if the mini is recognizing one or two displays. You should be able to fiddle with the settings here if it is, indeed, recognizing two displays. I think the higher likelihood, though, is that the Dual Head is only capable of mirroring displays--and not splitting a desktop. Hate to sound put-offish, but check the documentation.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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