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    Swapping out a second SATA hard disk.

    I have a G5 tower with 2 x 80gb SATA disks, and have been given a 160gb SATA hard disk, which I want to put in in place of the second 80gb disk.

    Currently I have OSX on one, and various junk on the other - websites etc.

    There's still enough space to move everything from the second 80gb disk to the first, so I'm thinking to do just that - move it over, put in the new disk and move it back.

    But - is it that simple? Will file permissions etc get screwed up, and is it enough to just name it the same as the old one? Any tips?

    Alternatively - can I add a 3rd disk? - I know the second one was very simple to add, but I never really looked to see if there was a practical way to add a 3rd.

    This is the single 1.8ghz model.


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    there will not be any permissions problems if they are under the same user account, you can swap the second drive, just make sure you set the 160 gb to slave, the first will always be master.
    you can name this new drive whatever you want, it doesn't have to be the same as the one it replaces, as far as a third drive, I don't think there's a port for a third drive. besides that, its simple, drag stuff from old drive to main drive, then install new drive, drag stuff to it.

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    Thanks. I'll give it a try and let you know how it went.

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