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    Imac Intel late2006, display or graphic card issue? (see the phoho)

    I'm buyng an Imac Intel 17" 2.0 late 2006. I have a broken Imac same model with a good display, but with the graphic card broken.

    The question is:

    do you think the imac on the photo has a display or a graphic card issue?

    If it's a display problem, I can buy it and replace the display with mine.
    If it's a graphic or logic card problem, I will not buy it.

    I personally think broken pixels.

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    I don't believe it's pixels but I could be wrong. The white stripe is too straight and exactly banded which looks very much like a GPU problem. The only way to tell for sure is to turn on the machine and take a screenshot of the desktop.

    If the screenshot looks the same as the photo you took, then we can probably say with some certainty that it's the graphics card which is at fault. If the screenshot shows up OK, that indicates a bad display.


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    Very interesting, I think you're right.

    They couldn't make a screenshot, so I didn't buy it.


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