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    Question about dual screen (spanning)
    Hi, I just got an iMac G5 and boy do I love it!

    I've already got the span screen doctor hack goin, so I'm enjoying the dual screen set up. Now I'm wondering if there's an easy way to disable the second monitor, so that it isn't detected when I don't need it. I've tried turning on mirroring, but that just makes the iMac's screen crop to a 4:3 ratio. Leaving spanning on let's my mouse wonder off into the secondary display and some programs open on the second display, which can be confusing when my second monitor is off.

    So is there a simple way I'm missing to disable the 2nd monitor apart from unplugging the monitor or running the hack again to disable it? Thanks!

    edit: is there any forum that this topic would be more appropriate in?

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    Nope you have to disconnect it
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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    Nope you have to disconnect it

    I was thinking, if I had a KVM swtich, would that work? I have an XP system, that I mainly use as a server now (since I'm using its monitor for my iMac). If I get a KVM switch to control my second monitor, would switching this screen from the iMac to the XP system in a sense "disconnect" it from the iMac?

    I guess what I'm pretty much asking is: if a montior is active on port B of a KVM switch, will computer A be able to detect the monitor through port A?

    I don't know much about KVM's. Thanks!

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    a related issue
    I had a Powerbook 667mhz and upgraded by moving my HD to a Powerbook 800mhz. Unfortunately, on the newer machine, the Energy Saver (machine cannot go to sleep, and won't even dim), and Monitors Control Panels do not seem to work properly.

    I have just one screen brightness level... brightest.
    I have just two screen options... 640x480 and 1280x854, in both color and screen depth in the Control Strip (this is in system 9.2.2). And I think the ATI Graphics Accelerator Extension is crossed out (not loading) at startup (I think it's this one, based on the icon). I don't think the ATI card is broken, because the keyboard brightness buttons do work in system X.

    And... the screen also has the second monitor/display continuously activated, even though I had never previously attached one to the laptop. I did plug one in after the fact, to confirm the second screen being active (and it worked), but I didn't seem to have the option to turn it off, and no additional screen resolutions appeared.

    So, as in the original posting here, can I disable the second display?... and additionally, if anyone knows how to get my other features back also, your assistance is humbly requested... thanks.

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