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    Extracting still images from an MPEG file
    My specs:

    OS 10.4.1
    Powermac G4
    single-processor 1.25 ghtz
    80 GB hard drive
    768 MB RAM

    Dear experts,

    I work at a nonprofit and we're doing an annual report for another nonprofit organization. We'd like to use some images for this report, but theyr'e on an MPEG file. Is there a way to extract still images from an MPEG file, or do we need to buy a utility of some sort? And if we do, is there one that's inexpensive?


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    dear experts?
    the way i always do is stop the video were you want totake the picture and hit cmd (apple key)+shift+4 and just select the portion of the video that you want to copy
    im sure theres another way to do it but i donno

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    It can also be easily done with FCP

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    have you tried using iMovie?
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    cmd+shift+4 always worked for me... If there is any motion in the shot you can take it into PS and use the video filter to remove the interlacing.
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