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Thread: Advice on Wired versus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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    Advice on Wired versus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    I will be ordering an iMac 2.66 GHz / 27 inch screen soon.

    I notice when I configure the order on-line, by default the wireless mouse and keyboard is selected. Is this something new and why? I notice with the Mac Pro the wired ones are selected by default.

    I have not used a wireless mouse and keyboard before. (It uses bluetooth, right?) I have some questions about this...

    1. What are the general pros and cons of using a wireless mouse and keyboard?

    2. I assumer it uses batteries. I probably will using rechargeable batteries if I go this route. Generally speaking, how long does the power last before needing to replace the batteries? I am wondering if the battery drain is too quick.

    3. Since it wireless and in terms of security, can anything intercept and record my keystrokes if I am typing sensitive information like passwords or credit card information?

    4. I have friend who always have problems connecting his wireless devices to his Mac Pro. I think he mentioned that it has something to do with the aluminum casing and/or the amount of metal that could interrupt the signal. Does the wireless keyboard and mouse have this problem?

    5. Will there be any problems using the wireless mouse and keyboard if I am running Windows on the iMac?

    6. is there any noticeable delay in data transfer when typing information via wireless keyboard versus wired?

    7. I just realize that the wireless keyboard does not have the number pad and home/end/pg up/pg down/delete keys but the wired one does. Is this a big deal?

    8. Magic mouse or Apple mouse (scroll button)? I have read a lot of mix reviews on the Magic mouse. I am wondering if I should wait for version 2 of the Magic mouse?


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    Pretty new user here, myself, but as I have an iMac, I'll give you my impressions.

    First off, yes, they are bluetooth. As for pros and cons, I guess the pros are that you are not limited by cables! You can use the keyboard on your lap, put the mouse wherever you want, etc. And with a 27" screen, this is nice. You can sit back if you want. Also, if you're using the keyboard on your lap, you can spin around in your chair really fast without putting your keyboard down first!

    Yes, they use batteries, but so far both the keyboard and magic mouse seem to have pretty good battery life - as in months. You can check the batt level of both.

    Not too sure about the encryption of bluetooth. But since bluetooth has a range that, best case, maxes out around 30 unobstructed feet, if you are in your house, you should be fine. I imagine that bluetooth can be hacked, but there is definitely a range factor. I wouldn't worry much about that.

    I had one time when my magic mouse was not connecting, but it was easy to reconnect and solve. If you are really worried, keep a wired usb mouse in your drawer for that event, but it hasn't been an issue for me. Once I got used to the magic mouse, I love it! Fast, precise, smooth and comfortable. The keyboard, iMac and the bottom of the magic mouse are aluminum, so if that messed with bluetooth signals, I think that it would have been reported as a big issue by now. The only thing that I have seen mess with bluetooth is cellular signals - STRONG cellular signals. If I am on a rooftop where there are multiple carrier's antennas, my bluetooth headset drops out some. But in normal situations, it is a pretty stable connection.

    As for running Windows, not sure. I don't run that on my Mac. I doubt there would be an issue with the keyboard, but there may be some reduced functionality with the magic mouse. I am sure someone else can weigh in on this...

    There is absolutely NO noticeable delay. Bluetooth is basically just a radio frequency, and as such, propagates at the speed of light. As for the bandwidth of the signal, I think BT is around 2 Mbits/sec now, maybe faster, so sending a signal that you pressed the D key on your keyboard is not even a blip on the radar.

    As far as the number pad and home/end/pg up/pg down/delete keys - I thought I'd miss them, but I don't. If you input a lot of numbers, you probably will, but not me. Scrolling with the magic mouse is so fast, that pg down/up, home, end etc. aren't missed by me. I really like the magic mouse. Great form and function. There will probably be software or firmware updates for it at some point, but I don't see a physical re-design soon, so if you want one, get it. It is definitely a bit different from a typical mouse, but then, OS X is a lot more different from Windows, and I got used to that pretty quickly, too!

    Enjoy your iMac! And, welcome to the forums!


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    Just a quick update on batt levels. I got home and checked. Got it Feb 16th, and the magic mouse is at 46% and the keyboard is at 93% after daily use.

    Obviously, the mouse uses more juice, and is used more, probably. But guesstimating 3 months for the mouse and... maybe a year for the keyboard??? Not too bad.

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    I use rechargeable batteries in both the keyboard and mouse. Most of the time when the batteries are low enough to need recharging I put them in the charger when I go to bed and they are good to go the next morning. For the rest of my thoughts on this check your thread at MacOSG MacOSG :: Mac Owners Support Group :: Apple News & Support • View topic - Question about Wireless Magic Mouse and Keyboard

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