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Thread: Confused?

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    I have noticed that the start up times from power off on my C2D 27" iMac are random. Sometimes it will start up real quick and others it will take a lot longer and I am not sure why this would be happening? I would think they should be relatively close to the same time?

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    Is there any pattern to the boot up times, like is it fast once and then slower, and fast again? Or is it truly random? If you aren't getting updates installed or new application starting up at boot time..then the iMac should start up fairly consistently in the same time.


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    The time on my MacBook Pro 13" are pretty similar so I'll second that. It has started up slowly sometimes but not much slower and not often at all.

    P.S. Try using a more informative title for future threads such as "iMac Startup Times"

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