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Thread: iMac Monitor issue when displaying BLACK

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    iMac Monitor issue when displaying BLACK

    I noticed that my iMac G4 has a small issue displaying the color black. This only happens when the color is actually pure black, with no detail.

    When displaying black, I can see individual pixels, in random areas of the black sparkle or twinkle, or light up with different colors.

    It happens with the system cold, it happens with the system warm, etc.

    It doesnt do this with any other color, or color combo displayed. If the black has any fine detail, it doesnt do it either.

    It's really hard to describe but its like a few pixels in a row will light up or sparkle on the black, and then be normal again, randomly and all over.

    My guesses would be some sort of damaged video card, or connection. The iMac has a nvidia 5200fx that I believe is built directly into the logic board.
    The problem is so small that I can live with it, I am just concerned if this is an early sign of the iMac's death.

    Any tips? Info? Anyone heard about or fixed this? Thanks!

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    The good news is that it's not the video card. The bad news is that it's the LCD starting to have problems controlling the pixels in their open and closed state. Can only recommend you not put solid black on the screen. Once it has permanently stuck pixels, these could be blue, green or red, there are a couple of methods to try on them to get them functioning again. If they are not currently stuck, there really is nothing you can do at this point.
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    Ok, thanks for the information.

    Could this stay like this for years? Or should I expect stuck pixels very soon?

    I just bought this machine second hand, and although it was very cheap....I am not quite ready to behead the iMac G4 and hook up an external monitor....that takes all the fun out of it. lol..

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