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    Email viewing problems on Desktop & I phone
    Hope this is in the correct forum.....

    Im after a bit of advice, we are self employed, I work from home and my husband on the road and he needs to view the emails that come in whilst on the road so we bought iphones and set up the mail accounts.

    The problem is that i work on a mac desktop and am viewing the emails as soon as they come through. However becasue Im viewing the emails straight away they don't seem to be going through on the email account to the iphone (same address used for desktop & iphone). It works if im out of the office and don't view the emails on the desktop, they'll then show up on the iphone etc

    So is there a setting that I can change so that whether or not ive viewed the email on the desktop that it will still come through on the iphone?

    Ive even tried putting a rule on the emails that come through on the desktop to be forwarded to a mobileme account which I wouldn't touch so that he can view them on their but the emails aren't forwarding, not sure what im doing wrong?!?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    Are you using email through your ISP or an online email? What email client are you using in your office?

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    I had this exact issue. I CC'd the emails (by the original ISP account) to a Gmail account then had the phones only check the Gmail account thus not intercepting the email checks by the desktop email program.

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