Hey guys,

I've had my mac pro for a little over a year now, never had any problems until this weekend. I was in the middle of playing Mass Effect 2 on my windows 7 drive and all of it sudden it glitched out. Turned it off and tried booting again and on the windows side the first windows logo during boot won't even come up (just a black screen) and it will keep restarting. On my OSX drive it starts loading, the little circle under the apple is spinning around but, as soon as it seems like it's done and it should load up my desktop the screen goes all retro with black, orange, yellow lines. Then it goes back to the OSX loading screen with the circle but, it is no longer spinning and is frozen there.

I'm hoping that my video card just crapped out and I need to replace that since it appears to only have problems when it needs to output video other than basic start up screens. Possibly someone here has come across this before or knows what I need? I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions.