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Thread: Help! Trouble with connecting MB unibody with Bravia via HDMI

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    Help! Trouble with connecting MB unibody with Bravia via HDMI
    About a year ago I purchased the 13" Macbook aluminium unibody, which I wish to be able to display on my LCD Bravia tv (KDL-40W3100). I have a mini-display port to HDMI adapter from the MB, then a HDMI cable connected to the TV (into HDMI Port 2).

    Problem is, I can't seem to get the macbook image to display onto the tv! Can you please help.

    What I'm doing is:
    - connecting MB to tv. I let the MB detect the TV which it recognises as a Sony tv.
    - Switch channel to HDMI 2 (corresponds to me connecting cable to HDMI port 2)
    - once connected, the MB cycles thru a blank screen every 5 seconds or so. This in itself is kinda disconcerting. There is no image displayed on the tv at all, let alone mirroring the image on my MB.

    Can anyone suggest a fix?
    Does a solution include purchase a mini-display port to VGA adapter and cables? Preferably I wish to get this HDMI solution figured out.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Try system preference>displays>detect displays
    and see if that works
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    Since it is recognizing the Sony, it should be a matter of setting the proper resolution in the Displays settings. The Sony only accepts 480, 720 & 1080 thru it's HDMI. Try changing the resolution on the Display window representing the Sony to 1920x1080.

    If you are wanting the sound thru your TV, you are going to have to use HDMI 1. That is the only HDMI port that provides for a separate audio line in.
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