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    27" Imac hdd randomly spin up
    Hey guys i just upgraded from my 24" imac last week and I've noticed that while my 27" imac is in standby mode in the middle of the night, it wakes me up cuz I can hear the whine of the harddrives as they start to randomly spin up - but the screen doesn't come on. Is this normal? It happens multiple times a night


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    sometimes I hear the hdd spin down, but you can try putting the machine into "deep sleep". There is a widget to do this here: Deep Sleep
    This will shut down your computer without deleting the things you are working on, so If you are working on a Word document, you can start up the computer and it will be open. The only down side is that it takes about the same amount of time as normal startup/shutdown.

    PS: Apparently, this doesn't support snow leopard, but I have used in on snow leopard... might as well try, right?

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