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    Feb 11, 2010
    alright well now my little box of trouble has a weird color thing is normal on ever other part of the screen but if any thing even hovers over that side it changes color

    i made a video to show you (youtube) YouTube - help!

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    I watched your video and could see some discoloring, but honestly it really looks like it might be the display itself. You showed another monitor in your video - have you tried hooking it up to the eMac to see if the other monitor displays the same problem? There's a possibility that the discoloring might be caused by a graphics defect.

    Your eMac G4 is rather old and probably not worth spending much money on in the event it needs to be repaired. If you can live with the discoloring, that might be best. Of course you can always buy a new computer. $$$


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    Feb 11, 2010
    i haven't tried hooking it up as i didnt have a mini vga to vga cable
    but the only reason im asking is i can live with discoloring its just i have bad eyes so its kinda hurts to look at.

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    Unfortunately, machines of that vintage had issues with defective capacitors - it wouldn't surprise me if yours was one of them. In fact, the eMac is specifically mentioned in the Wiki article about the capacitor plague.

    If you are able, open the case and inspect the logic board see if you can find any crowned or burst capacitors.
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    That really looks like a monitor issue. Almost looks like the screen is magnetized like on older Color TV's. By any chance do you have a speaker close to one side of the emac with a non shielded magnet?

    Also some large transformers too close to a CRT can distort things and colors on part of the screen.

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    Feb 11, 2010
    i guess that may be the problem time to move the mac and see if it changes.

    EDIT: yay thanks it was the tv now my lines and discoloring is gone

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