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    iMac 27" i5 Flickering Dilema
    Hey there,

    On the 31st of Jan i went out and bought a 27" Core i5 iMac. All was great until about 7 days later when i started getting intermittent flickering at the top of my screen. It's not regular enough to film it and i'm still within my 14 day exchange period. But i have a dilema: AppleCare told me i can get a repair, or get an exchange. Of course, I understand that i could get one that is just as bad, if not worse as an exchange - but in contrast it could take ages to repair, i get the machine back and the problem's not been fixed, they merely 'think' they fixed it. The AppleCare rep said that repairing it would consist of a replacement screen but it's not even known whether it is the screen that's causing the problem. In other words, should i get an exchange for a brand new one now before my 14 days is up, or should i get it repaired and quite frankly, run a high risk of achieving nothing? If i could get a refund without losing 10% of it's value i'd get a refund and wait to be honest but that doesn't seem to be viable

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    Well, they've been releasing firmware updates to alleviate the flickering issues, so my guess is that it's not a hardware thing. I'd return it for an exchange and see how it goes.

    Sucks that you are having those issues

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    Have you installed the lasted 27-inch iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0?
    27-inch iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0
    Apple Inc
    "The 27-inch iMac Graphics Firmware Update applies to the graphics firmware on ATI Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 graphics cards to address issues that may cause image corruption or the display to flicker,"
    As for me, if its free, I'd get a new machine and hope that it doesn't have the same problem.
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    True, i have nothing to lose plus i get another 14 days. As it stands i can't really 'prove' that my iMac is having the flickering issue because it's happening rarely (as in each night but there's no way of filming it because it happens randomly and by the time i've got my iphone ready to record the flickering is over), but even if it does only last for 1/4 of a second and it only does it 4 times per night at most, i haven't paid £1,500 for that. I'm able to live with it but i shouldn't have to hence why i'm wanting an exchange etc. I also forgot to mention that i obviously do have the two firmware updates installed too. I have nothing to lose by getting a new machine i guess

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