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    Old Apple llC pics

    here is the apple 2 i talked about. here are some pics, sorry they arent so nice.




    i didnt see the clock bat that i needed to change. Nick, if u see this, is it like a watch battery like the bios uses in pc machines?


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    Man... that brings back some memories of using that, the II and IIe in high school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sackandcrack View Post
    i didnt see the clock bat that i needed to change. Nick, if u see this, is it like a watch battery like the bios uses in pc machines?
    Some better/clearer photos would help.

    If you checked out the two articles I linked in your other thread...the one article mentions that the battery in some Apple II model(s) was not replaceable...but was replaceable in other models. I'm not exactly sure what the battery looks like.

    Here's an interesting article on replacing the battery on an Apple IIgs. Of course the IIgs is not the same as the IIc. The 3.6v battery they mention for the IIgs sounds similar to the battery used in a lot of Macintosh computers from "1987-2005ish":

    Here's a nice Apple IIc article. There's a photo of the motherboard, and I couldn't spot a battery...but then a better close-up photo might help.'s an online copy of the original Apple IIc manual (not sure if you have this manual). It's something like 322 pages long. I quickly scanned the table of contents...and didn't see anything about a battery. But of you look at it more closely...maybe you'll find a solution for your IIc:

    Hope this helps,

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    That second link says it - no battery. Strangely, Mactracker, which I nearly always recommend as one of the best sources of info on Macs, doesn't even mention the IIc. IIcx and IIci, but not IIc. I wonder if the IIc was produced for a specific and quite small market.

    To the OP - I've asked for your other IIc thread to be moved here, where it's more likely to get attention than in Peripherals. You may find the two threads merged eventually.
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    If it has one, A battery, It may look a large capacitor soldered to the board. Never had the pleasure to open an Apple 2.

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