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Thread: iMac with GeForce 120gt ?? Enough?

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    Feb 06, 2010
    iMac with GeForce 120gt ?? Enough?
    I recently order a refurbished iMac and wondering if I made the right choice. I'm a desinger that uses cs4 no real gaming but I might be at some point. I did alot of research and think I made a good choice but I still would like to hear your opinons.

    iMac 24"
    2.98 ghz
    4g ram
    Nvidia GeForce 120 gt

    good for cs4 or cs5 and light gaming??
    I rarley render. 3D but ocasionally
    I use a middle of the line toshiba laptop right now

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I'm actually cruising the site with the same question. But wondering if that iMac would also work well for some HD video editing in Final Cut Pro.

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