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Thread: Connecting iMAC to Sony Camcorder

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    Unhappy Connecting iMAC to Sony Camcorder
    Hi All

    New to the forum - please forgive me if I ask a questions already answered earlier.

    Problem: I tried to connect my Sony DCR-72E (mpeg2) camcorder to the newly purchased iMAC via USB. I opened iMovie and clicked on the camera icon part way down on the left handside. A popup window displayed stating it was locating any devices connected with "Sony Camcorder" displayed in the bottom part of the pop up window.

    However, after a while this pop up window disappears but the camera is not connected.

    I do set the camcorder to "connect to computer" on the camcorder menu which displays "conecting please do not disconnect".

    On my PC this operation is not a problem.

    Could this be a MPEG2 issue?

    Will it solve itself if I purchase Quicktime Pro (which has MPEG2 decoder built in)?

    I need some assistance in making the connection.


    Best regards

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    Try attaching the Sony to your iMac and then reboot the iMac. Does the Sony mount on the desktop now? Also make sure the Sony is powered on. If that particular camera also has a firewire output port and you have a firewire cable, try attaching it that way.


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    Yes it mounts and I can see the directories and files.

    I will try that method.

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