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Thread: Imac Issues

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    Feb 07, 2010
    Imac Issues
    Hey Guys,
    i've got a 20'' Silver Imac. Lately i've noticed that some of my folders on the desk top have disappeared but the name is still there, if i on the name the folder opens. Also my Iphoto will not open it gives me an error, an a sync error comes up when i plug in my Iphone, it all syncs properly though... Just a wee bit confused.... thanks for any feedback,

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    Feb 07, 2010
    cannot change background pictures, i can look at the picture in preview. but it will not allow me to set as background picture. but i can use the factory mac ones...

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    I would run:

    Disk Utility's Repair Permissions
    Disk Warrior (if you have it -- if you don't, buy it!)

    Sounds like a storm brewing ...

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